Fernco Pow-R Wrap

Water Activated Fiberglass Wrap

If You Can WRAP IT...You Can REPAIR IT!

Pow-R Wrap is a strong, permanent and economical repair. Works on virtually every kind of pipe and hose. It's an easy alternative to traditional methods such as cementing, soldering, welding, sleeving and replacement. Works on wet, dry, clean, dirty or corroded pipes. Even works under water...salt or fresh.

Pow-R Wrap is a complete, self contained kit that includes a resin impregnated fiberglass tape in foil bag, Pow-R Stick epoxy putty to enhance repairs, 1 pair of protective gloves and complete installation instructions. Three convenient sizes to choose from.


  • Water activated fiberglass wrap
  • Heat resistant to 425° F
  • Conforms to a standard water main pressure test
  • Works on wet or dry surfaces
  • Cures in 30-90 minutes


  • Cures in 30-90 Minutes
  • Conforms to a standard water main pressure test
  • EPA Approved
  • No Tools Needed


  • FPW248CS Pow-R Wrap - 2" x 48" to repair up to 1" diameter pipe
  • FPW3132CS Pow-R Wrap - 3" x 132" to repair from 1¼" to 3" dia. pipe
  • FPW4252CS Pow-R Wrap - 4" x 252" to repair from 3" to 6" dia. pipe


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