StormDrain Plus - Your Complete Surface Water Drainage Solution

StormDrain Plus Channel Drains

Designed to Withstand Automotive Vehicle Weight

StormDrain Plus - Water Management Systems by Fernco

New & Improved

The durability & high performance of the newly designed Channel Drain by Fernco is StormDrain Plus which ensures a long lasting, permanent solution for the removal of standing surface water. The easy installation is ideal for driveways, pools, patios, walkways, sports courts and more.

Newly designed Channel for a stronger and easier drainage solution!

  • All products are "UV" inhibited
  • Grates are ADA and heel guard compliant
  • 3 bottom outlets in every channel
  • No clips or screws required to assemble


  • Driveways - Position between the garage and the driveway.
  • Patios - Drain water where it may be water pooling.
  • Swimming pools - Divert pool water away from grass.
  • Sports Courts - Where standing water could be hazardous.
  • Gardens - Where natural run off can be safely diverted.
  • Walkways - Drains pooling water safely and conveniently.
StormDrain Plus - Applications
StormDrain Plus - Easy Tool-less Installation

Simple Accessory Attachment

No clips or screws required to assemble.

The StormDrain Plus Quad, End Cap and End Outlet just slide into the female end of the Channels. They also each have tabs to fit into the male end of the Channels or the cut to length end of the Channels.


  • All products are "UV" inhibited
  • Grates are ADA and heel guard compliant
  • Grates have non-slip textured surface
  • 3 bottom outlets in every channel drain
  • No clips or screws required to assemble
  • CLASS B: Loads of 61-175 psi.

    Recommended for medium-duty pneumatic tire traffic, autos and light trucks at speeds less than 20 mph.

StormDrain Plus Products

Part No. Description
FSDP-CHGG 39.5" StormDrain Plus grey Channel with grate
FSDP-GP3G StormDrain Plus Contractor Pack: 3 sticks of grey Channel with grate, 1 End Cap & 1 End Outlet
FSDP-QUAD StormDrain Plus Quad - 4-way connector
FSDP-EC StormDrain Plus End Cap
FSDP-EO StormDrain Plus End Outlet

Replacement Parts

Part No. Description
FSDP-CH StormDrain Plus Channel ONLY
FSDP-GG StormDrain Plus Grey Grate ONLY



The Quad allows left or right hand extension of the StormDrain Plus or even T and X configurations. The required openings are easily cut out.

End Cap - FSDP-EC

End Cap - FSDP-EC

End Caps easily and securely slide into StormDrain Plus

End Outlet - FSDP-EO

End Outlet - FSDP-EO

End Outlet accommodates 3" & 4" sewer and drain pipe OR 3" & 4" Sch. 40 fitting hub

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