Fernco Newsletter Aug 2021

To our Valued Customers & Partners,

On behalf of Fernco Inc., we would like to thank you for your patience and support throughout every obstacle we have faced. This year we have endured a global pandemic, steel shortage, and the implementation of a new ERP software. We take great pride in giving 100% when manufacturing and shipping our products, but lately due to these new sets of challenges, we have not been living up to our standards.

We ask for your continued patience and support while we work to get orders filled. Since the announcement of the global steel shortage, Fernco has been working diligently and the production of unbanded couplings continues to progress steadily. 2021 has offered new opportunities for reflection and growth; rest assured that Fernco is committed to getting it right.

Here are important steps we are taking:
• We invested in a secondary 200,000 sq ft. building to store over one million unbanded couplings. As bands come in, this will allow us to fulfill orders more quickly.
• Our entire North American workforce has been maintained, with no layoffs, allowing us to stock and quickly serve coupling requests. We anticipate no labor shortage.
• Communicating more frequently with our customers and partners to keep everyone apprised of this situation.
• Clearing up the delays in invoicing, ASN’s and order acknowledgment.
• We are now beginning to receive clamps from Ideal and from our alternative suppliers overseas.

We appreciate your support as we navigate through these tough times. Fernco has a large backlog, and this will greatly extend lead times in the months to come. We are working tirelessly to ship out orders as soon as possible, and we will continue to stay focused on delivering to all our loyal customers and partners during this time. As you know, Fernco is committed to excellence, quality, and innovation.

- Fernco Management Team