Flexible Qwik Traps

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Take a 3D tour through Fernco City and view where and how Fernco's PlumbQwik and other plumbing products are used. See a houseful of products such as a : Flexible Coupling, Proflex Shielded Coupling, Flexible Qwik Trap, Repair Flange, Wax Free Toilet Seal and so much more be installed.

Qwik Trap Connector

Flexible Qwik Traps

Replace plastic or metal drain traps effectively.

Fernco's Qwik Traps effectively and easily replace 1-1/4" or 1-1/2" plastic or metal drain traps. Its flexible PVC material adjusts to the pipes misalignment and installs quickly and securely with a common screwdriver or nut driver.

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