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  • 1001 Series - Clay to Clay
  • 1002 Series - Clay to Cast Iron or Plastic
  • 1003 Series - Clay to Asbestos Cement Fibre or Ductile Iron
  • 1004 Series - Concrete to Concrete
  • 1006 Series - Concrete to Cast Iron or Plastic
  • 1051 Series - Asbestos Cement Fibre (AC) or Ductile Iron to Cast Iron or Plastic
  • 1055 Series - AC or Ductile Iron to AC or Ductile Iron
  • 1056 Series - Cast Iron or Plastic to Cast Iron or Plastic
  • 1059 Series - Fit nearly over plastic pipes and sockets – they can even be used with plastic traps. 1060 Series – Plastic Socket to Plastic Socket
  • 1060 Series - Plastic Socket to Plastic Socket
  • 1070 Series - ADS and Hancor Corrugated Polyethylene for Plastic Pipe
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Stock Couplings

Fernco manufacturers the most complete line of flexible couplings in the industry, from sizes of 3/4" to 27" (19mm to 381mm).

Because Fernco Couplings have earned a reputation for consistent, superior performance, you can have full confidence in their quality and reliability.

The dimensional flexibility of Fernco couplings ensures leak-proof seals on virtually any pipe material: plastic, cast iron, asbestos cement, clay, concrete, steel, copper and ductile iron. All couplings are clearly marked with part number, size, and pipe materials that the coupling will connect. Fernco makes fast delivery of stock items with no minimum order required. For special applications, our custom design service can supply couplings to individual customer requirements.

  • Tested designs backed by over four decades of proven performance
  • Positive seal against infiltration and exfiltration
  • Leakproof, rootproof and are resistant to chemicals, ultraviolet rays,
    fungus growth, and normal sewer gases
  • Conforms to ASTM D 5926, C 1173 and CSA B602
  • Connects pipes of same or different sizes and materials quickly and easily
  • Stainless steel clamps are corrosion-resistant and rustproof

Tech Specs:

  • Installation torque: 60 inch lbs.
  • Maximum test pressure: 4.3 PSI (29.6KPA)
  • Maximum operating temperature: 140º F non-consistent
  • Minimum operating temperature: – 30˚ F
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