Fernco Receives Going Pro Award

Fernco Success Story 2024 - Fernco Receives Going Pro Award

Established in 1964, Fernco, Inc. originated in a master plumber's garage and has since evolved into a globally recognized brand leader for Flexible PVC Pipe connections in waste, vent, sewer, and drain applications. Nestled in Davison, Michigan, the company is committed to empowering trainees through education.

When the opportunity arose for Vicki, Director of SPARK & Continuous Improvement, to apply for the Going Pro Talent Fund, Fernco Inc., eagerly embraced the chance to further enhance their workforce through innovative training programs. Going Pro has proven instrumental in providing skill development opportunities, instilling confidence, and improving overall performance among trainees. After collaborating with Business Solutions Professional Erich Latham II, Vicki West and Fernco, Inc. applied for Cycle 1 Funds in 2023.

Competing for the Going Pro Talent Fund is highly competitive, making Fernco's delight palpable when they were awarded $59,745.00. This funding facilitated training in advanced manufacturing, supervisor skills, and Digital Process Controls, among other areas. The training initiatives not only resulted in increased production but also boosted confidence, competence, and retention among Fernco, Inc trainees.

Vicki and her team are thrilled about the prospect of competing for future Going Pro Awards and eagerly anticipate applying for Cycle 2 in 2024.