Fernco Donuts

Sewer pipe compression joint sealers.

Fernco Donuts are flexible PVC donut-shaped rings for the compression sealing of sewer pipe joints and DWV connections such as sockets, hubs, bells and spigots. They offer all of the properties necessary to create a strong, lasting joint.


  • Sewer pipe companies do not manufacture their pipe to common dimensional standards. Instead, pipe is produced to the designs and dimensions best suited for each particular sewer system. Because of this, variations in dimensions of pipe bells, hubs and bores are simply too great to permit making a single universal connector.
  • Fernco Donuts are available in hundreds of sizes and configurations for use with most brands and types of piping material.


  • Made of elastomeric PVC, is corrosion proof and is unaffected by acid or alkali.


  • Donuts can be ordered by giving the size, material and type of connection you want to make. Donuts require specific information on the manufacturer of pipe. Our sales coordinators are trained to assist you.
  • Donuts can also be ordered by dimensions. Donuts seal by compression and have much less dimensional range than couplings. The bell, hub or socket dimensions must be given within 1/32" accuracy.
  • For plain end pipe connections, use a Fernco Flexible Coupling