Fernco do Brasil Attends The FENASAN Trade Show organized by the "SABESP Engineer´s Club"

This year was the 20th Edition of the Trade Show. SABESP is the largest Water & Sewage Utility Company of all Americas.

The Trade Show is annual, and it is visited by Mayors, Engineers, Contractors, Water & Sewage Utility Companies, etc.

Fernco do Brasil booth was 170 sq. ft, and this is the second year Fernco has attended. Last year was Fernco Inc., and this year was Fernco do Brasil.

We received 400 visitors who equally liked our product line and the good spirit of the team. It is Tom´s second year, and he can tell you the difference and improvement we made.

The most important SABESP people visited us and thanked us for attending the show.

The Trade Show is always in São Paulo, the City where SABESP has its headquarter and the bulk of its operations.

Another relevant aspect is that Fernco Couplings were tested by an independent laboratory in Brasil, FALCÃO BAUER, the most prestigious Lab, and we passed the Hydraulic Pressure Tests.