POW-R WRAP INDUSTRIAL SIZE Testimonial by Utilities Maintenance Supervisor

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One of the sub-contractors hit the new 12” main water line for the new county building. They left a 10”X12” scratch about 2/3 into the thickness of the pipe, but did not actually pierce it.

We were adamant that we would not accept a brand new line with any of the traditional repair methods. Bands break and sleeving would have compromised the new pipe in multiple locations.

Pow-R-Wrap was the perfect solution and my staff did a magnificent job of applying the wrap (their first time too). We applied two wraps to get the recommended 8 layers, it set up beautifully. All of the on-site contractors were amazed at how easy and cost effective it was. The contractor even made the comment that we saved them easily over $2000.

Thank you Fernco!