Wax Free Toilet Seal Manufacturing Engineer Testimonial

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Manufacturing Engineer (Retired)
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This isn't a question, but a comment on your waxless toilet seals. Those things are EXCELLENT! I'm a DIY remodeler and have set numerous toilets over the years with wax rings. I've always thought that surely someone could come up with something more advanced than a bunch of wax that smooshes down and hopefully seals, at least for a while. well, you guys did a great job with this product.

I'm a retired manufacturing engineer, and I've been around adhesives quite a bit, but whatever that glue is on this product is really something else. I had to pull a toilet that had one of these installed, and I thought for sure that the adhesive would fail before it came out of the pipe, but it didn't! Amazing!
For a few bucks more than the cost of the Neanderthal wax ring, using the Fernco waxless seal is a no-brainer.

Thanks for making an excellent product that really works!