Large Diameter Waterstops

Large Diameter Waterstops

For sewer pipe that is 8.5” and larger.

Large Diameter Waterstops are flexible enough to permit lateral pipe movement without destroying seal integrity. It is additionally useful for pipe to which concrete will not adhere, such as plastic pipe.


  • Large Diameter Waterstops are subjected to many various conditions that are beyond the manufacturers control, such as high ground water tables, quality of grout, workmanship and field conditions that can affect its sealing ability. Discretion must be used in its application and installation.
  • Due to the many varying factors that can influence the Large Diameter Waterstop’s effectiveness as a seal, Fernco does not warrant this product as a positive water seal.


  • Made of elastomeric PVC, is corrosion proof and is unaffected by acid or alkali.


  • Order by specifying the outside diameter (O.D.) of the pipe which is to receive the waterstop. Minimum size: 8.5 inches O.D.