Fernco's Urinal Seal Belts a Home Run at Comerica Park

Just as the Detroit Tigers are always looking to improve performance on the field, the operations staff at Comerica Park is looking to do the same. Comerica Park's Senior Services Manager Ed Goward contacted a local plumbing distributor to investigate upgrading the plumbing at the facility. This local plumbing distributor recommended a newly developed Wax Free Urinal Seal™ manufactured by Fernco, Inc., based in Davison, Michigan.

Goward installed a handful of Fernco’s urinal seals back in February of 2011, mainly in trouble spots throughout the stadium. "We are forty games into the season and our new seals are working perfectly," Goward stated. "I would highly recommend anyone dealing with leaky urinals to make the switch to Fernco’s Wax Free Urinal Seal."

Soon all of Comerica Park's urinals, a total of 300, will be fitted with the new seal as a preventive measure. Problem solved.