The file number for this listing is 5894. Products stamped with the IAPMO trademark symbol "UPC" are recognized as complying to the latest edition of the Uniform Plumbing Code and the applicable industry standard. The UPC symbol provides engineers, inspectors, contractors and consumers with peace of mind. Products carrying the symbol are tested, reliable, and backed up with documentation. For these reasons it also provides Fernco with a competitive edge over products that are not listed as conforming to the UPC.
Fehr & Howard Sales Inc. will be responsible for all markets, including Plumbing, Waterworks and Retail for Western PA and West Virginia, replacing J.B. O'Connor Company, Inc (Rep Territory #09). This change is effective June 1, 2009. Fehr & Howard Sales, Inc. brings several positive opportunities to Fernco and the Western PA/West Virginia markets. Their Agency was highly recommended by several of our key customers in the market... as well as a few potential customers. The Fehr & Howard Sales team includes: Eric Fehr Co-Owner and Outside Sales
Pow-R Series of Products - Each new product is engineered to allow the weekend handyman to seal, plug and repair all fluid bearing pipes and hose leaks, creating a 100% waterproof repair.