Flexible Couplings

Flexible Couplings and Adapters

Fernco Flexible Couplings have found wide acceptance among sewer and plumbing contractors and municipalities because of their quality and ease of installation. Fernco pipe couplings and adapters are used for all types of in-house and sewer connections: drain, waste, vent piping, house-to-main, repairs, cut- ins, conductor, roof drains and increasers-reducers.

Made of tough elastomeric polyvinyl chloride (PVC), the couplings are strong, resilient and unaffected by soil conditions. They are also resistant to chemicals, ultraviolet rays, fungus growth, and normal sewer gases due to the inert nature and physical properties of the PVC material. Fernco flexible couplings are leak-proof, root-proof and seal against infiltration and exfiltration, giving you confidence in your pipe connections. 

Stock Couplings

Leak-proof, root-proof and seals against infiltration and exfiltration. From sizes 3/4” to 27”

Eccentric Series

Maintains an even, continuous flow-line in critical grade conditions by aligning the inside walls of the two pipes.

Corrugated Pipe Series

Connects drainage or irrigation system tubing to PVC sewer piping quickly and securely.


Connects ETI to AC or DI and ETI to SDR-35

Large Diameter Series

For repair, alterations or rehabilitation of large diameter sewer pipe.

Plastic Socket Couplings

Makes socket-to-pipe and socket-to-socket connections easy and reliable.

Pipe Sleeve Seals

Seals pipe sleeves and carrier pipes.

Expansion Joint Coupling

Allows the expansion and contraction of drain,waste and vent (DWV) systems.

Qwik Tees & Ells

Make 90˚ connections of all common household drain, waste and vent pipes.

Series 300 Stainless Steel Clamps

Their interlocking housing and band design strengthens under tension to ensure a positive seal.

Ratchet Torque Wrenches

5/16” reversing torque wrench makes quick and accurate work of clamp tightening.

Flexible Tap Saddles

The faster & less costly way to make sewer main connections.